Wrap Up: The Pentecost

Wrap Up: The Pentecost

Deleted Scenes Wrap Up: The Pentecost

Trenton Kumm – 8th Grade

If you ever wondered what it would be like in the disciples shoes then this video might be able to give you some answers. I made this video in 8th grade for a religion project with 3 other friends, with a goal to focus on the disciples and what we thought their perspective on some topics would be.

Our group decided to make a YouTube video showing what the disciples could have done between the Ascension and Pentecost. We felt that acting it out would be the easiest way for all of us to be included. There was one person filming the people speaking form their ipad. We made scripts on our devices so we knew what to say and didn’t mess up on our lines.

I was very happy with the part in the upper room when we were waiting for the Holy Spirit, and the voice overs. It was challenging to try to cover up my device and make it look like I had my lines memorized. I also could have used a larger blanket to help cover me more and make it easier to hide my device. I think learned that it would be easier to just memorize the lines rater than trying to act like I knew them.

If I was able to do this project over again there would be two main things I would change. First of all I would get a bigger blanket because mine seemed small compared to my group members blankets and it didn’t cover me up well. I would also try to memorize my lines so I could look at the camera more and not have to try to cover up my device.

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