Narnia Final Project

Narnia Final Project


Narnia Final Reflection 

As you read and watch through Narnia you may come across many allegorical or symbolic events that correspond with the Bible. 

A major event you may find first comes along at the beginning of the Bible and right when the Children and others arrive in the new land of Narnia. They arrive into a world full of darkness and nothing but then a song is heard. Through the song life is being breathed into the world. Plants, animals, water, land, light and even darkness are all made from nothing. They all came to be through the Lions song. In Genesis, God created our world from his speaking. He said “let there be light’ and so on. Our world was created by our Father God and Narnia was created by its father Aslan the lion. Both creators put life into their world from nothing and that just proves their great power.                          This picture says the breath of life which was breathed into Aslan’s creatures by himself. In the Bible God creates Adam to rule over everything and life was put into him just like life was put into Aslan’s creatures. When God spoke in Genesis he created living things like plants and animals and they had life. When Alsan sang he created life in living things like plants and animals too. In conclusion when both worlds were created their creators in a way breathed life into them.

In Charn a world before Narnia there was temptation. Digory, one of the children was tempted to strike a bell to see what would happen. He gave in to temptation and hit the bell causing the evil Queen Jadis to awake which was a bad result of his temptation. In Genesis, Eve is tempted by the serpent to eat from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil she gives into that temptation. By giving into the temptation sin enters the world and she causes Adam to eat it too this sin will eventually cause death. In both examples temptation is given into and there is a consequence for the sin.        This picture shows the serpent on the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The serpent is what tempts Eve in Genesis and the tree is what he uses as the physical temptation. In Charn there is writing on the bell which causes Digory to think about hitting the bell and the bell is like the tree. The physical thing that will cause something to happen is the bell just like the fruit from the tree in Genesis.

My final connection is the death of Aslan and the death of Jesus. In Narnia Aslan was very much like Jesus. Aslan came back to save his world from Jadis. As a result of Digory’s choice to help Jadis, Aslan had to die to get Digory back. Alsan could have resisted his death but he didn’t. Jesus died as a result of Judas’s in. Judas betrayed Jesus just like Digory joining Jadis. They both in a way sinned turning away from the creator. Jesus could have stopped his death but he didn’t and Aslan didn’t stop his death too.                                                                                                                                            In this image there are people shouting to crucify him. When Jesus was at court with Pilate all the people watching were shouting this. When Alsan was with Jadis by the stone table all of Jadis’s followers were shouting too. Both saviors had lots of people against them and people verbally saying their opinions towards them. So they both had to listen to a lot of mean yelling.

I feel like I act a lot like Peter at times. Peter was crowned the king of Narnia and a good fighter. Sometimes Peter was a little timid and skeptical, he sometimes tried to find the best way out of a situation . I kind of relate to that side of him because I am sometimes not very aggressive and kind of timid during certain situations. I do try to make the best of a situation and find a way to get everyone they want, a good outcome. Me and Peter are kind of alike by our thinking and that we want to make the best out of a situation.                                                                                                                          This is a picture of a thought bubble to show that me and Peter have the same thoughts. We both think to make the best of a situation and to keep everyone happy. I think this thought bubble could be filled up with some of the same thoughts we may have at times.


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