English 8 News Article

English 8 News Article

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Boy Now Faces Consequences for Stealing Bottles.

Trenton Kumm, Baltimore Reporting Press

Baltimore Maryland, Friday May,22

Typical Box of Coke bottles on Mrs. Wilson’s Porch

The week ended with school being dismissed for the summer, but for one boy it was not the start to summer that he wanted. Charlie Bell, a former 8th grader who lives in Baltimore, wanted a snack. Charlie decided to go for a walk, and when he passed by Mrs. Wilson’s house, he had to check out her box of bottles. When Charlie saw the box was full, he then knew how to get a snack. So, he quickly picked up the box and sprinted all the way to the quick-mart.

Mrs. Wilson, a retired school teacher, enjoys collecting coke bottles for her son. Charlie knew his grandparents took their naps around 5:00 P.M., so he wondered if Mrs. Wilson does too. When he saw the box filled with lots of Coke bottles, he knew he could exchange them for some cash. The Quick-Mart pays 10 cents for one Coke bottle and Charlie guessed there were at least 50 bottles, so he was able to get around $5 for some snacks. 

Charlie took his snacks home and enjoyed them but forgot to take the trash out. When his mom, a nurse, arrived home and found wrappers in the trash, she knew something was up. She then questioned Charlie about the wrappers and Charlie gave in.  “I kinda borrowed some Coke bottles from Mrs. Wilson and returned them to the store,” says Charlie. 

Charlie then found himself at Mrs. Wilson’s house where he was met and almost tackled by her huge dog.  Mrs. Wilson repeatedly told Charlie, “Those bottles don’t mean nothing to me.” But his mom insisted on him being punished.

That dog would end up being his punishment, because for the time being, he has to walk the big dog every morning. Charlie is afraid of dogs, but he feels he deserves the punishment for his actions and is glad the punishment isn’t any worse. 



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