World Religions Reflections

World Religions Reflections

Satanism Reflection

Trenton Kumm

For Religion in eighth grade, I was put to the task of reporting on one of the main religions of the world. My group, which had three of my classmates in it was assigned to report on satanism. We decided to make a google slide show to show what we learned about Satanism to our classmates. We thought a slide show would be fairly easy and we could cover a lot of information if we used one.

I am proud of all the information we were able to find and gather about Satanism since it is a fairly new religion. I am most proud of the information we found about how they think the world will end because I was very interested in that part of their religion. I think we probably could have worked on finding more famous people who believe in Satanism and tried to make the difference between atheism and Satanism more known. I learned that there actually aren’t a ton of Satanism followers while I was searching for famous Satanists. I also learned some things about atheism in comparison to Satanism.

If I could do this Satanism report over again there would be some things I would change. I would probably try to research further into their famous followers and try to find more people who believe in Satanism. I would also try to tell the difference between Satanism and atheists and make that more clear and known. Fixing these two things could make our slide show even more informal and give the viewers even more important things to learn about regarding Satanism. Otherwise, I think our report was pretty good overall and I hope you enjoy looking through our slide show.



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